2014 - Children and their Rights in Mining Areas - A Community Resource Guide
Ravi Rebbapragada has been conferred the Godfrey Philip National Bravery Award under Social Act of Courage for 2012 from Ggodfrey Phillips India Ltd on 31st March 2012.
Ravi on committee for tribal empowerment

2010: Contesting Women’s Rights Within the Political Economy of Mining in India

2010: India’s Childhood in the "Pits" - A Report on the Impacts of Mining on Children in India

2010: National Consultation on Impacts of Mining on Women in India, 12th –13th February, 2010, Orissa

2010: Summary of discussions with Ministry of Mines, Government of India by RIMM

National Adivasi Children's Traditional Knowledge and Science Congress - 21-23 February 2010 at Visakhapatnam

mm&P National Consultation and General Assembly from 30th Oct, 2008

Consultation on the Impacts of Mining on Children in India Adivasi Women's Perspectives on Food Security and Resource Rights

Water for the tribal people - Video

Status of Tribal Children in A.P - A report

AP high court judgement on polavaram

Public Hearing on Bauxite Refinery by Jindal

Water Declaration




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Samata in the News

Ravi Rebbapragada, Executive Director, Samatha
- Has been conferred the National award under the category of Social
Bravery by Godfrey Phillips for the year 2012 on March 31st 2012
- Has been appointed as a member of the Steering committee on empowerment of scheduled tribes for formulation of the twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-2017) by planning commission of India
- Member of National Forest Rights Act Committee […]

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