Land for land to oustees demanded

Friday September 16 2005 12:06 IST , Indian Express

POLAVARAM: Social activist and director of non-governmental organisation Samata Rebbapragada Ravi has demanded that the Government give land to the Polavaram oustees in lieu of the land lost due to the construction of the project.

He told reporters that giving monetary compensation in lieu of the land would be of no use. 

He also strongly opposed shifting of the oustee tribals to the urban areas, as the culture shock would be too much for the forest-dwelling tribals. 

He said the tribal culture and tradition would be affected by the uprooting from their natural habitation.

He pointed out that while the Forest department is being given a compensation of up to Rs 7 lakh per acre lost due to the project, the tribals are being given much less. 

He wanted the Government to end the disparity and warned that the tribals could react strongly if they were deprived of their lands. 

He said the tribals did not believe in the assurances of the Government as the R&R packages have not been implemented in true spirit so far.

Earlier, he addressed a meeting at Arya Vysya community hall in Polavaram organised by the Polavaram project andolana committee.

Committee convenor Anil Kumar and others were present.